Badlands (1973)

Kit, the story’s protagonist, is a young soul.

As any young soul, he lacks confidence in himself. He picks up Holly, who is much younger than he is, almost a kid, and not someone who grabs the attention of guys.

Unfortunately, the girl’s father, instead of advising Kit to further his education or helping him find a better job, expresses aggression and even violence towards both – his daughter (killing her dog) and Kit (intimidating him by calling the police).

This drop of hatred works as a catalyst in Kit’s young soul. It is probably one of the first times he experiences life in a human body. Kit’s mind doesn’t have any values yet, including human life. That’s why he can kill people so easily.

The young man has an undeveloped emotion field (a feature of a young soul). He lacks pity and remorse. He doesn’t hate people, nor does he experience joy in their suffering.

In the face of danger, Kit acts like a child, telling his girlfriend that the man he robbed is lucky because Kit gave him a note with the stolen things, which will make the man very popular.

Prison, suffering and the electric chair are the karmic payment for Kit’s bad deeds.

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