Spiritual awareness in movies by Jacklyn A.Lo

Rasputin (1996)

I have seen quite a few movies about Grigoriy Rasputin, but this one, directed by Uli Edel, is my favourite because it reveals the spiritual core of the protagonist.

Through the vision of the movie’s director, the film starts in Grigoriy’s adolescence, when he is performing his supernatural skills in front of the inhabitants of his village. This episode is very important for understanding that the protagonist had an energetic potential much higher than that of the average person.

The next powerful scene in the movie is the phenomenon of the Virgin, who appears to Grigoriy when he is a young man. The blessing by the Holy Virgin is a sign that Rasputin is a representative of the “Lights.”

However, Uli does not make the protagonist seem perfect; he also shows the weaknesses (sins) of Rasputin, such as his excesses with alcohol and women.

The main reason why Grigoriy appeared in the tsar’s court was his gift as a healer. Not the highly-educated doctors around the throne’s heir, but Grigoriy had been helping the sick boy become healthy, providing hope to the monarch’s family and beyond.

These healing capabilities are another feature of “Lights” and are a way of proving that Rasputin was a spiritual entity moving towards Light.

The scene with writing the last letter to Tsarina Alexandra, in which Grigoriy predicts the future of the tsar’s family in two different scenarios, confirms Rasputin’s remarkable skills, such as clairvoyance.

At the culmination of the movie, Uli introduces a thought-provoking episode, with Grigoriy asking Heaven if he has succeeded with his life purpose. This question is obviously not about saving one individual, even if he was important as an heir to the monarchy, but about something greater – what a watcher is supposed to guess by himself.

The ending of the movie provides an answer to this question. Grigoriy Rasputin failed his assignment from “Lights”; the tsar’s family is executed and “Darks” capture the country.

This thought-provoking movie, with the amazing performance of Alan Rickman in the role of Grigoriy Rasputin, is worth watching for anyone who enjoys history and spirituality.

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