The Rite (2011)

This is a movie about a man’s agony in finding faith in God.

The culmination of the film is the protagonist’s Spiritual Choice.

Spiritual Choice comes with doubts, confusion and hesitation, which are always in our way at any particular period of one’s life.

The protagonist is at a higher level of consciousness than the average human, which is what makes the Choice so tough.

An interactive physical reality plays strangely around the protagonist and he starts to think he is going insane. His Choice of Light is not obvious to either himself or the movie’s audience.

However, after a long period of struggling with his inner self, Michael, with the help of other people and situations, finally makes his Choice to head toward Light and obtains Faith in God. The chosen direction opens a New Path to Michael – to help other people.

P.S. This story is a great example of the significant effort our Higher Brotherhood puts into each and every one of us to help with our Choice towards Light!

Also, I like that in this movie a Church is shown as a powerful institution, one with the skills and intelligence to support and help people, which is unfortunately not always the case.

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