Caesar (TV-Movie 2002)


Caesar (TV-Movie 2002) is a great historical movie with spiritual elements.


A keyword of this movie is Vision.

Vision is a direct “product” of the consciousness – that is, a result of the energy potential gathered throughout a number of lives in our spiritual existence and stored in a soul.


The higher the consciousness, the better the vision. This greater vision creates a chance to move with fewer errors and failures.

As a tool, vision is important whether you are expanding an empire or succeeding with your own life script.

In accordance with this story, Julius Caesar was a visionary man for his times and circumstances.

a strategic partner

One might ask: “What should I do if I don’t have a vision for my own life?” Well, you might consider finding a strategic partner who can help you with that. One way is through a “natural” partnership between two people in a relationship, for example, marriage.


In accordance with some channelers, the partners in a relationship are chosen such that the woman has a higher consciousness than her husband does. This is key to a man’s ability to attain his life goals.

women rights

In this particular movie, over 2,000 years ago, women in Rome had the rights and power to become equal strategic partners to men. As such, Julius Caesar accepted his daughter Julia’s strategic plan to get Pontilatus’ army through her marriage of convenience to Pontilatus.

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