Django Unchained (2012)

The key words for the protagonist (Django) in this movie are:


These highest intangible values towards Light are the keys to what we would call luck or success in Django’s efforts to rescue his beloved wife.

There are dark characters in the film as well. The most “appealing” is Calvin Candie, the slaves’ owner. Showing unreasonable cruelty to his slaves (i.e., the scene of his dogs hounding a fugitive slave), he is a typical representation of darkness, which naturally makes him an enemy of Django (slavery* vs. freedom, Light vs. Darkness).

With the biggest sin of humans being  – pride, the scene featuring the conspiracy talk between Candie and his faithful servant Stephen could be much stronger if, instead of “I spent so much time with them for no results,” Candie had emphasized his worries about his pride and told his faithful servant, “They wanted to fool me? Me myself?”

Django won over Candie. Light overcomes darkness.

  • Note: Slavery is a feature of darkness. A person who supports slavery is a representative of darkness.

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