Escape Plan (2013)

The movie Escape Plan (2013) is about transforming problems into challenges, solving them and gaining the potential for extra energy.

The movie starts with a smaller scale problem, which the protagonist Ray Breslin( Sylvester Stallone ) has been solving quickly and elegantly.

The protagonist has been working on similar problems for a long time and has accumulated experience, skills and self-confidence supporting him in his job.

The next problem has much higher energy potential than the protagonist himself and Ray decides to quit.

However, this is a “no-Choice situation” and the hero doesn’t have a chance to avoid the tough game.

Smartly moving in the challenging environment, the protagonist gathers the right companions to support his goal and empower himself by that.

Using all his physical and intellectual skills, Ray is finally breaking through, winning the case and solving the Problem, obtaining extra Energy potential.

PS Why do I put this film under the section “Spiritual Films”?

The average understanding of spirituality in the West is that Spiritual matters are evaluated only by devotion to God. However, this is only partly true. To reach liberation, a human being is supposed to also gain a higher energy potential, which is needed to reach “Heaven”.

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