Game of Thrones (TV series)

Game of Thrones. Spiritual Movie Review - Jacklyn A. Lo

 A keyword in the TV-series “Game of Thrones” is COURAGE.

The world described here is on a dense planet with a very low collective consciousness. The lifestyle and mindset are close to the Dark Ages in European history on our Earth.


These are several clear signs of low consciousness:


The system of values

  • Power and revenge vs. creativeness and art
  • Significant mind pollution
  • Inhabitants obsessively pursue revenge
  • People seek to gain power via ownership of land, money or women

People obsessively pursue revenge or seek to gain power via ownership of land, money or women.


The social and economic position of women

  • In general,  women have a very low position in society
  • They do not use their higher conscious (vs. men) to improve things
  • Women occupy whether with household work or serving and entertaining


Illiteracy and ignorance

  • Most of the people are illiterate.
  • Access to libraries is prohibited for women and children.


Low vibrations

  • People eat a lot of meat; some of them eat human flesh
  • Excessive drinking
  • Continuous fear
  • Separation from each other, no goals with a focus on a common good
  • Duality: “We and them” is the main idea of movement, with “them” being enemies, and war being the only tool for solving any problem.


Losing touch with Mother Nature

  • Due to low vibrations, people lose their sense of living nature
  • People appreciate neither nature nor the spirits which inhabitant it


Dark entities 

As a virus becomes active only in a body with low immunity, the Dark entities enter this physical world due to further degradation of the collective conscious

The population of the land collides with true Evil, called the White Walkers.

People are losing touch with nature, inhabitants of the forest, and spirits… The price for that is suffering.

In this story, the suffering comes from a life-threatening White Walkers, the Army of the Dead.


There is neither a unified religion nor a church as such. However, there is a belief in God and, in the older worship, in the woods’ spirits.

There are some sects, with the most powerful one being a Sparrow Sect. That sect suddenly became very strong.

As a result, even members of the Royal Family get vulnerable and were not protected from the sparrows’ punishment.


Power and revenge vs. creativeness and art.


A Goal

A final goal of the rulers is the throne and the driving force for them is an act of revenge. 

A very few people in this dark world are driven by Courage, Honor, Love, and Justice.


Highest intangible values

However, there are sparkles of the highest intangible values towards Light.

As a result, there are few people in this dark world, that are driven by Courage, Honor, Love, and Justice. That lifts the meaning of existence in that world and provides Hope.


This movie review was written by Jacklyn A. Lo

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