Ghost (1990)

The movie Ghost (1990)  is a supernatural thriller about life after death.

Sam, the main protagonist, was murdered by his best friend Carl.


Sam’s physical body was buried,

but his soul stays alive and wanders around as a ghost.

new existence

The new existence is a new experience for Sam – he not only has to adapt to it, but also to protect his beloved girlfriend.

As a ghost, Sam leans new skills – the ability to go through material objects, such as walls or people, to influence on the world around him by the power of his will and to be heard by a psychic.


After their death, Carl and his accomplice also become ghosts. We see supernatural entities such as demons that came to Earth to take away both murderers.

power of Light

The culmination of the movie is sad but positive – the murderers have been punished and Sam is taken to Heaven by the power of Light.

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