House of Cards. TV Series (2013–2018)

House of Cards. TV Series. Spiritual Movie Review - Jacklyn A. Lo

The keyword in the House of Cards TV-series is Continuous Thinking.

political arena

The political arena is the most ambitious and riskiest environment for the development of a spiritual entity.

And Francis, from a “no-name” family, chooses this playground.

mature soul

Francis is a mature soul who wants not only to reach the highest possible energy potential but also the highest psycho power in the present life.


This is one of the reasons why he doesn’t want to invest his precious time into kids. As a result, he chooses a life partner in line with his ambitious goals.


Francis does not deny the existence of God. However, he does not expect the “manna of the heavens of God” and relies entirely on himself.


Francis has a clear understanding that the planet Earth is full of suffering. Therefore the murders he committed are in line with his high-risk approach. However, these brutal actions eliminate him from “Lights*”.


His vibrations are not in line with unconditional love and Francis expresses his spiritual positioning in the church to Jesus.


Francis has been very hardworking in his past lives and now. So, he has accumulated vast experience and extensive knowledge in solving problems. This allowed him to build high-quality subconscious**.


His subconscious works like a huge repository, and he receives an almost immediate response from there in accordance to needs.* So, it can be said that he has passed on to the stage of continuous thinking. Most importantly that this allows him to efficiently move according to the scenario of his life.


He is a gambler who not only learnt the rules of the game of politics but he is also a winner of this very ambitious play. At his culmination of success, he attains the highest political power, becoming President of the United States of America.


* “Lights” are spiritual entities which move for Light, for example, they follow such  intangible values as Freedom, “Love”, “Courage”, “Hope”, i.e.

highest-quality energies

**The subconscious accumulates the highest-quality energies. These energies are transformed from consciousness to subconsciousness when a person has polished his skills to automatism. This mastery moves with a soul from life to life. Reference to the book “Personality and Eternity“, L. Seklitova and L. Strelnikova


This movie review was written by Jacklyn A. Lo

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