K-PAX (2001)


The K-PAX (2001) movie tells us a story is about the embodiment of two souls in one human body.

One of these two souls is Prot, an alien from a faraway galaxy. The other is an American man, Robert, who is friends with this extraterrestrial.

the complexity of a human being

The movie’s plot creates a chance for spiritual awareness because it shows the complexity of a human being; a physical body is just a cover, a sheath for a soul or souls. In other words, a soul could be embedded in any physical body, but a physical body is not an Individual itself*.


Another strong spiritual point in the movie is compassion. The impulse of compassion began from the extraterrestrial Prot – or, to be precise, from his positive perception of the mentally ill people in the hospital, therefore he supports them. We also experience a humanistic approach that Prot takes towards Robert.

Prot’s compassion touches a psychiatrist named Dr Mark Powell, who is inspired to spend his time and energy not only on a search for truth but also on personalized help for the damaged Robert.

I can recommend the K-PAX (2001) film for any spiritual seeker.


*After interviewing some Westerners as whether they believe in reincarnation, I was surprised to find that 99% of them did not. In other words, most people in the Western world believe their existence will end at the death of their physical body.

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