Legends of the Fall (1994)

My favourite hero in the movie Legends of the Fall (1994) is Colonel William Ludlow, the father of three sons, who lives amid nature, far from urban civilization.

Throughout his long life, Ludlow has evaluated people and situations and tackled the difficult task of separating the wheat from the chaff. He teaches his sons what is true and what is false, though he gives them the freedom to make their own choices.

William is consistent in his principles and does not depart from them even at the insistence of officials and his own son.

This “feature” reveals a mature soul in the old man, a soul with established qualities (towards the Light) and a deep understanding of the intangible values.

Another fascinating character in this story is Susannah Fincannon, the fiancée of Samuel, one of the Colonel’s sons. Susannah, losing equilibrium of her mind, develops a passion for another son, Tristan. On the way to her imaginary happiness, Susannah twice makes a strong mental statement wishing death for the people “on her way”. However, not being able to achieve her desires and maintain her balance, she ends up suffering and committing suicide.

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