Monster (2003)

Monster (2003). Spiritual Movie Review - Jacklyn A. Lo

The tragic movie Monster (2003)  (director Patty Jenkins) has a very tough story.

The keyword of the story is “No choice.”

The main character, Aileen, is an American woman in her 30s.


She faces a very tough life script. Her destiny is pre-determined, which gives her a reason to announce that she feels as though she doesn’t have a choice.

As a rule, a “no-choice” destiny is given to humans with a spiritual orientation towards Darkness – those who have already chosen to follow the values of Darks.


However, the “profile” of the main character is not that of a typical Dark. For example, when Aileen was a teenager, she helped her orphaned siblings by providing goods and clothes (Kindness is a feature of Light).


Aileen doesn’t really complain about her life and takes it as it is, which shows that she is a strong person. She is not an atheist; God is meaningful to her and gives her a sense. She even makes a joke about having a deal with God.

In her relationship with her new girlfriend Selby, Aileen neither lives at Selby’s expense, as Selby’s relative predicted, nor obligates her partner to work, taking full responsibility for practical matters herself.

mature soul

At a certain point, her life destiny brings Aileen to her toughest situation, when she must protect her life from a sadist by killing him. At that time, she had already met Selby and the main drive for Aileen to survive was to fulfill her promise to her girlfriend to go on a date with her. (Keeping one’s word is a feature of a mature soul.)

Aileen isn’t caught after this murder, and she decides to keep a gun.


Her love of Selby enlightens her and makes her question how she makes money – she wants to find another way to earn money than to provide sexual services to men. Aileen tries to find a “clean” job, but she fails and returns to her previous business.


Aileen starts to recognize the imperfection of the world, and it irritates her. The easiest way to “manage” the irritation and get money for basic survival is to kill the next man. Besides, she and her girlfriend enjoy the victim’s car.

love and forgiveness

Finally, Aileen is caught and, with the “help” of Selby, gets the death penalty. However, she does not reproach Selby for this treachery. ( Love and forgiveness are features of Lights)

Because this is a true story, it would be interesting to know why Aileen had such a cruel destiny. In other words, what choices did she make in her previous lives?


Jacklyn A. Lo is the author of this movie review.

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