Review of My Lives with Lucifer Satan Hitler and Jesus. Jacklyn A. Lo

My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus,” by Kim Michaels is an inspirational and encouraging book with a revolutionary, unique concept beyond imagination.

spiritual concepts

This novel includes such spiritual concepts as karma, choices and consequences, sensitivity and consciousness, etc. All ideas are described deeply and using detailed examples.

the law of free will

Therefore, the author provides a thoughtful explanation of the law of free will. Similarly, he describes the free will from Lucifer’s and, on the other hand, ascendant masters’ points of view.

The second death, which is called spiritual death, is stated and explained in depth.

complexity of beings

I also enjoyed a description of the complexity and variety of beings.

For example, Kim portrays humans as entities possessing several thin bodies besides the physical one.

On the other hand, alien creatures, have a different, than humans, existence and live on the Natural planets.


However, the main reason I read this book was my serious curiosity about Jesus.

All my guesses about this great spiritual being were confirmed in Kim Michaels’ book and described in detail.

Therefore, that was the most inspiring part of this novel for me.


The author portrays the life of Jesus in the physical body as well as his journey as a spiritual being. 
The description is done step by step and most importantly includes Jesus’ afterlife journey and his path to Ascension.

This story is quite different from what we all know from “official” sources.


However, the technical side of the book has some imperfections.

Firstly, the manuscript is long. Secondly, it’s written in a sort of free-flow memoir and has repetitive “loose” text.  With the help of a professional editor, it could be reduced in length by at least thirty percent.

In addition to improving the readability, it would be helpful to eliminate the occasional writing errors and misspellings.


Another area for improvement is that the book has a “heavy” beginning.

For instance, it contains several definitions of and abbreviations for the “bad guys” that are neither in line with the title of the book nor used throughout the book except, briefly, in one place.

Therefore, that part could perhaps be condensed in length or removed and placed in a separate book.

problem vs solution

Meanwhile, approaching the end of the book, I asked myself: What is this book about and what was the author’s main goal in writing it?

I concluded that 95 percent of the content described a problem (i.e., falling beings) while 5 per cent described the solution, for example raising collective consciousness.

Further, at the very end of the manuscript, Kim Michaels confirmed my answer – his goal was to deliver comprehensive information about the Darks.

Certainly, this brave explanation of who sets up suffering on Earth is needed.

However, just as sickness cannot arise in a pure body, Darks won’t appear at a high level of collective consciousness.

raising consciousness

In other words, we need inspirational stories that help change the existing situation and a toolkit of HOW TO RAISE CONSCIOUSNESS.

In conclusion, I would like Kim Michaels to write a continuation of this book.

I wish that 5 percent of the new book would provide information about the problem (i.e., suffering) and that 95 percent – about the solution.  In other words, how to reach a higher level of collective consciousness and, as a result, our planet’s ascension?

a request

In short, I’m looking forward to Kim Michaels, with the help of the Ascended Masters, could present detailed examples of the following:

A. Natural planets

Firstly, Natural planet inhabitants’ goals, objectives, obstacles and challenges for the raising and maintaining of high consciousness. Secondly, principles of Leadership. Besides, the role of women in society (if it’s applicable).

B. Earth-like planets

Among the billions of planets in the universe, there must be some that are similar to Earth, those that were able to raise their collective consciousness.

It would be nice to know the factors influencing them on their way to achieving it. Above all, their  Spiritual choices, Leadership and the role of women in raising consciousness.

C. national mentality

We know that all the 195 countries on Earth have own national mentality. That mentalities represent different levels of collective consciousness and therefore the gap between the highest level and the lowest one is relatively big. 

So, which values have the best nations followed throughout their history to achieve their current level of consciousness? Also, which spiritual choices have they made, and, most importantly, what can be done to help the nations that are behind?

to sum up

With its courageous and direct approach to many “hidden” topics and its revelation of a mystery about the Darks, the book “My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus” by Kim Michaels is a valuable read for any spiritual seeker.


This movie review was written by Jacklyn A. Lo

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