Damien: Omen II (1978)

 The keyword in Omen II: Damien (1978) is  Who are we?

All entire Omen series is very powerful and mysterious.

Each of the series has its own mesmerizing effect, based on mystical twists of the story and the magnificent play of actors (e.g., Sam Neill).

However, the second series, Damien: Omen II, was the most thoughtful for me.

The main character, Damien, is the son of Satan, but he did not know about his origin and mission until he was thirteen (!). Prior to this revelation, he felt like an ordinary child, fulfilling his daily duties, playing with other children and following the same rules as them.

I was over twenty when I first watched this movie, and I was in shock. The son of the Prince of Darkness received this revelation, but how and where do we humans receive the most important information in our lives, that is, who are we?

In accordance with the knowledge of New Age, all spiritual entities including humans, receive their own programs of their life existence, designed specifically for this particular entity.

Was I a priest or a farmer, an astronaut or a housewife? Male or female, or possibly asexual? Or maybe this life is my first incarnation on Earth?

However, our past lives and spiritual choices are closed to us. We do not remember our previous incarnations and inner paths.

We also do not know our good and bad deeds, what karma we have accumulated on our evolutionary path and what lessons we have learned.

This is done for many reasons, but perhaps the most important of them is to make our present existence more attractive and challenging for us.


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