Papillon (2017)

Papillon (2017). Spiritual Movie Review - Jacklyn A. Lo
The film Papillon (2017) directed by Michael Noer is worth watching by the whole family.



A keyword in this movie is FREEDOM.
Henri Charrière ( Papillon) was born in the family of the school teachers¹ in the small village.

Energetic potential

His energetic potential was much higher than the environment where he has grown up; therefore, he leaves the village for better opportunities and appears in a big city.



However, instead of choosing an honest business with a hard-working approach, Henri takes an opportunity of easy money and joins the criminal world,  i.e. World of Darks².
He learns fast and becomes successful.


Free Will

Even joining the criminals’ Papillon still has Free Will³, and he uses it to violates loyalty to his mafia “godfather”.


Spiritual entities

But, unquestioning submission to a boss is a prerequisite among the Darks.
So, the mafia immediately revealed Henri’s flaw, and he must be punished ( karma applies only to Spiritual entities with the orientation towards Light).


The world of Darks is harsh, and his “godfather” finds a witness claimed that Henri killed a man.
By the French law at that time, Henri received a life sentence and was sent for a high-security prison.


Spiritual Choice

Now a Spiritual Test from the Lights starts up.
Henri is forced to the Spiritual Choice: whether to die in prison as a slave (the direction towards Darkness) or to escape from the jail for Freedom (the path towards Light). He chooses the second option.


Intangible values

Freedom is a base for all other intangible values of Lights, such as Love, Peace, Courage, Hope, etc., and in accordance to rejoin Lights Henri must pass the test.


Multi-stage exam

The film doesn’t tell us what Papillon feels, but his desire for Freedom is remarkable. He is given a multi-stage exam where each new step is much more complicated and riskier than the previous one.

His desire to survive is incomprehensible to the head of the prison, who gives rise to inhuman torment for Henry.


The ending of the film is very positive and inspiring optimism – Henri reaches his Goal – he got his Freedom.
Achievement of this Value gives him a chance to return to the Lights and continues his journey towards intangible values of Light.


Hierarchy of Lights

In conclusion, our Spiritual Father welcomes all of us to His Hierarchy of Lights. However, there is no easy way to enter it. You have to prove your will not only by saying, but also but doing.


Spiritual existence

A Spiritual choice giving to us is a way to test us. During a spiritual existence, a spiritual entity supposed to pass several Spiritual Tests (Choices).


Negative karma

A test becomes more difficult if a soul makes a mistake and gain negative karma. For example, Papillon complicated his life scenario by joining the mafia world. 

¹ Most of the school teachers have a spiritual orientation towards Light
² Mafia represents spiritual entities moving towards Darkness
³ Free Will is a feature of Spiritual entities with a direction towards Light


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