The Constant Gardener (2005)



The keyword in the movie, The Constant Gardener (2005),  is Justice.

dense planet

The year is 1990. Our Earth is shown as a very dense planet with a low level of collective consciousness.

low collective consciousness

While some countries developed a higher level of consciousness, Kenya, a country on the African continent,

was a land with an extremely low collective consciousness.

The consciousness in Kenya was so low that the value of human life was close to nothing.


Tess, the protagonist’s wife, is determined to see JUSTICE.

With a high probability, she could be an avatar, one who embodied herself on Earth to help the inhabitants of Kenya as much as she can. She uses every possible method to achieve this goal.


The corrupt Kenyan government doesn’t have the capability or will to improve the living conditions of its nation. Therefore it pursues personal short-term goals, dropping everything on its own accord.

human rights

The Darks* from the West discovered an opportunity to create a huge profit primarily by abusing the human rights of ordinary people in Kenya – the right to one’s own life.

intangible values

Driven by the highest intangible values as FREEDOM, JUSTICE AND COURAGE, Tessa makes a difference and pays the highest price she can – her own life…

Excellent movie!

Note: Darks are the embodied spiritual entities with an orientation towards Darkness

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