The Machinist (2004)

The Machinist (2004). Spiritual movie review - Jacklyn A. Lo

“The Machinist (2004)”,  directed by Brad Anderson, is a high-quality movie with spiritual elements.

The main character, Trevor, committed a crime a year ago. He was able to hide his actions from the jurisdiction of people, but not from the Universal Law of Karma.

negative karma

So, the generated negative karma pushes him to pay.

In some cases, the karmic retribution occurs in future lives, but in the case of Trevor, it happens in his present life.


Besides, Trevor must pay not only through the suffering of his physical body but also mentally.

But what happened with Trevor from the spiritual point of view?


Our soul is an energy carrier, as well as a container, consisting of three parts – positive, negative and controlling*.

In the normal state, the positive and negative parts occupy approximately the same volume. A person in this state fluctuates between good and evil.

good deed

However, in the case of a good deed, a portion of the energy flows from the negative section to the positive.
Similarly, with a bad deed – the negative part becomes bigger.

a split of personality

In the case of Trevor, due to the gravity of the crime, the negative piece becomes so large and so quickly, that this led to a split of his personality.

As a result, we see the psychological disorder of the protagonist – his interaction with Ivan, a brutal and unpleasant man invisible to other people.

controlling part

At a certain moment, Trevor ( his controlling part) realizes that the ruthless man is a fraction of himself. That is to say, his transformation, that happened with him due to his sin.

positive part

Realization of this awakens his memory and causing an internal protest (his positive part), so Trevor announces his crime to the police.

Laws of the Universe

“The Machinist” is one of the best psychological thrillers of Brad Anderson.
It presents the complex structure of the human soul and the dependence of man on the  Laws of the Universe.

With a superb performance by Christian Bale, must be watched to the end.


* Reference to the L. A. Seklitova, L.L Strelnikova books “The matrix is the basis of the soul” and “The formation of the soul or paradoxical philosophy.”

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This movie review was written by Jacklyn A. Lo

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