The Saint (1997)

The protagonist of Saint (Simon Templar) is a spiritual entity with a very high energy potential*, which he has demonstrated since childhood when he had the courage to resist brutal treatment in a boarding house.

He fought for his human rights and escaped from the “prison”.

The features of the high-energy individual (and Simon) are:

  • Effective time management
  • Great planning and implementation skills
  • High concentration skills
  • Ability to concentrate on the “present”

Simon develops his energy potential by the continuous improvement of these features.

To get a “one-way” ticket to a higher realm (i.e., to reach moksha), one must reach a certain level of energy potential. This could be achieved by training, work and/or discipline in pursuit of a TARGET or GOAL.

In the case of Saint, his great energy potential allows him to not only transform problems into challenges but also easily get rid of attachment to personal identification. He changes names, nationalities and behaviour patterns in accordance with his projects’ needs.

His spiritual direction is not clear from this story; however, we have sympathy for this man with his positive intentions to save the scientist from the nasty Russian Mafia. We assume he is a spiritual entity moving towards LIGHT.

*Note: Please note that an energy potential really counts when a human being is seeking “salvation” or a “better” place in the higher realm.

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