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Evolution = Universal Law of Evolution 

Karma= Law of Karma or Law of Cause and Effect is one of the main Universal Laws.

Spiritual Movie Reviews – Jacklyn A. Lo = These spiritual movie reviews are written by the author of the Redemption novel Jacklyn A. Lo.

Consciousness= Consciousness is a quality of one’s awareness, awareness of an external world through oneself.

Darks= following intangible values of Darkness.

Energy= The energy structure of the human being, including the soul.

Goal= Goal – an aim or desired result, the object of a person’s effort.

God= God is the Creator of man, the Spiritual being with a level of Consciousness beyond all imagination.

 Intangible values= Intangible values of Lights: Freedom, Love, Courage, Peace, Hope, etc.
Intangible values of Darks: slavery, hatred, fear, war, despondency, etc.

Jesus= Jesus Christ or Jesus of Nazareth is a great being who fulfilled his mission, making the right spiritual choice.

Liberation= Liberation – liberation from physical reality, i.e., moksha, salvation.

Reincarnation= Reincarnation – a rebirth of a human being as an effect of the law of Karma.

Soul= The Soul is an intangible part of an Individual that carries him from life to life.

Spiritual Awareness = Spiritual Awareness is the realization that you are not only a physical body.

Spiritual Choice= Spiritual choice is the choice of the path to Darkness or Light.

Supernatural= Supernatural is about a human being’s paranormal abilities or any other phenomenon beyond a “norm”.

Who am I?= Questions and answers about the spiritual origin of a human being.