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Review by Jacklyn A. Lo on the film Call Me by Your Name ( 2017)

Call Me by Your Name (2017) – A Film Review by Jacklyn A.Lo

“Call Me by Your Name (2017)“- Insightful Film Review by Jacklyn A. Lo. The Nuances of Love In the realm of human emotions, love stands as a complex and multifaceted concept, encompassing a spectrum of feelings that range from the tender affection between family members to the passionate infatuation of sexual partners. However, our current level of consciousness providing a limited vocabulary, often fails to… Read More »Call Me by Your Name (2017) – A Film Review by Jacklyn A.Lo

A Review of ‘Above Dark Waters’ (2013)

Review of the film “Above Dark Waters” (2013), Director Peter Franzén. Exploring Dual Interpretations The film “Above Dark Waters” (Tumman veden päällä) delves into the complexities of a mind plagued by imbalance and negativity. The narrative can be interpreted in two distinct ways – the materialistic and the metaphysical. Materialistic Lens From a materialistic perspective, the story centers on a typical Western family. The woman,… Read More »A Review of ‘Above Dark Waters’ (2013)

A still from the film Apeiron, showing a spiral of stairs that form an eye.

Apeiron (2013). Metaphysical Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Metaphysical Movie Review by Jacklyn A. Lo – Apeiron (2013), Director Maria Ruotsala. Apeiron, by Finnish woman director Maria Ruotsala, is a thought-provoking film that is itself a work of art. Who am I? The protagonist, Umbra, goes through the “Who am I?” process. He has an academic background and earns his living by lecturing students and examining patients with mental disorders. Therefore, his soul… Read More »Apeiron (2013). Metaphysical Review by Jacklyn A. Lo