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A picture of the movie poster for Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006). The poster features a young man with long, dark hair and piercing blue eyes. He is holding a bottle of perfume in his hand.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. ©IMDb


Explore metaphysical films with Jacklyn A. Lo to learn about the Universal Laws of Evolution, Karma, Consciousness, and beyond. Browse our film reviews by categories to find those that explore your interests.

Evolution = Universal Law of Evolution 

Karma= Law of Karma or Law of Cause and Effect is one of the main Universal Laws.

Spiritual Movie Reviews – Jacklyn A. Lo = These spiritual movie reviews are written by the author of the Redemption novel Jacklyn A. Lo.

Consciousness= Consciousness is a quality of one’s awareness, awareness of an external world through oneself.

Darks= following intangible values of Darkness.

Energy= The energy structure of the human being, including the soul.

Goal= Goal – an aim or desired result, the object of a person’s effort.

God= God is the Creator of man, the Spiritual being with a level of Consciousness beyond all imagination.

 Intangible values= Intangible values of Lights: Freedom, Love, Courage, Peace, Hope, etc.
Intangible values of Darks: slavery, hatred, fear, war, despondency, etc.

Jesus= Jesus Christ or Jesus of Nazareth is a great being who fulfilled his mission, making the right spiritual choice.

Liberation= Liberation – liberation from physical reality, i.e., moksha, salvation.

Reincarnation= Reincarnation – a rebirth of a human being as an effect of the law of Karma.

Soul= The Soul is an intangible part of an Individual that carries him from life to life.

Spiritual Awareness = Spiritual Awareness is the realization that you are not only a physical body.

Spiritual Choice= Spiritual choice is the choice of the path to Darkness or Light.

Supernatural= Supernatural is about a human being’s paranormal abilities or any other phenomenon beyond a “norm”.

Who am I?= Questions and answers about the spiritual origin of a human being.