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Redemption Novel

Time-Travel with Sci-fi and Metaphysics
Redemption novel by Jacklyn A. Lo
A High-tech Executive is Thrown into Turmoil as Haunting Images from an Unknown Past Intrude into her Life…

Redemption Series

Trilogy: Redemption, Heaven and The Tsar’s Choice

Tomo and the Soul Catchers

In the near future, in Chicago, Satan, competing with God, hunts for the computer genius Tomo, who created the Artificial Soul.

Tomo and the Soul Catchers. Novella by Jacklyn A. Lo

The Return of Melissa

Feature Film with Faith and Resurrection
Screenplay The Return of Melissa

Human Life

is a Gift

That Only


Can Give


Short Film Script
Screenplay Melissa

A biophysicist Grounded in Science Rediscovers Faith and Beyond When He Brings His Dead Wife Back to Life.

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