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Art Houses

An artist using virtual reality to create art

Houses of Art: Revolutionizing the Global Creative Collaboration

The Need for “Houses of Art” I have already mentioned my strategic vision for art houses in several articles, and in this post, I would like to expand on this idea and its possible implementation. Creativity is essential for human well-being, innovation, and progress. However, many artists in the world lack the resources and support they need to thrive. We need to create spaces where… Read More »Houses of Art: Revolutionizing the Global Creative Collaboration

Illustration of A Mucha

Why War? Summary / Part C

Beauty will save the world ― Fyodor Dostoevsky   Female beauty has always been a source of inspiration for poets, and the insane feats of knights vying for the heart of beauty. But women are not only a source of admiration and love but also of a higher level of consciousness. The higher consciousness has access to a larger vision – a world without suffering or… Read More »Why War? Summary / Part C