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Why War? Summary / Part C

Illustration of A Mucha

Beauty will save the world Fyodor Dostoevsky


Female beauty has always been a source of inspiration for poets, and the insane feats of knights vying for the heart of beauty. But women are not only a source of admiration and love but also of a higher level of consciousness.

The higher consciousness has access to a larger visiona world without suffering or limited suffering, which means without war.

Involve Women in Decision Making

Women’s consciousness is on average higher than men’s.

The higher the consciousness, the greater the vision, therefore, fewer mistakes and less negative karma Therefore, women should be involved in decision-making in any area of life much more widely than is done.

Improve Women’s Rights

Restrictions on women’s rights should be avoided. 

This have include the right to have an abortion, as a woman herself has the right to decide if she wants to turn an embryo* into an infant or not. Therefore, if a country needs to increase the rate of birth the best way to implement that is to improve working and rest conditions for mothers. In other words, governments should stimulate the birth rate in “soft” ways.

Methods of improvement

These methods could include:
A. Reducing mothers’ working hours from 8 to 7 hours with equal pay, starting at least with women with two children.

B. Increasing paid leave and reducing the retirement age for women with children

C. Improving conditions for children in school and outside of it, by providing free hot meals, as well as after-school care if both parents work.

*Note: An embryo is not a spiritual being, as it does not have a soul. The incarnation of the soul occurs at the time of the physical birth of the baby.


‘Planet’. The Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Photo © Jacklyn A. Lo


Maybe high-end entrepreneurs with successful business carriers can show their Courage to start this innovation. You can do it! 💪

To increase the Value of Art and Artists 

At present, the value of material things exceeds the value of Creativity and  Art, which are the main Values of Higher Consciousness

For example, in the UK, property owners do not bother to personally meet the artists who come with their work, but disrespectfully send their servants to them (!). Imagine how Satan, the Head of Darkness, at this moment enjoys triumph at this moment – how low are the Values of God in the World He created!

Also, Artists-women must be treated equally to men.


Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Photo © Jacklyn A. Lo

Financial Support for Artists 

In some Western countries, such as Finland, there are public and private artist support funds, but they are so small that they can only provide grant funding only to one in ten applicants

Please note that the grant is not given for several years, not for a year, but maybe as small as for a few months. After that, the Artist is once again left to struggle with unpredictability.


Gardens by the Bay, Singapore. Photo © Jacklyn A. Lo

Reduce taxation for Artists

Whether an Artist has started his own company, a freelance project, or works part-time to support his own creativity, don’t bombard him with all tax and other payments immediately, but give him time to get a fortune.

Please remember, that any Art project requires much more time to produce a stream of cash flow than any other project based on logic.

Trend for Art

Raise the value and visibility of Artists by creating a trend for Art.
This trend can be started by organizing Houses of Art in every major city. These Houses can function as creative and crowdsourcing venues where artists can present their work, negotiate contracts and sell their art in physical and digital formats
ArtScience Museum, Singapore. Photo © Jacklyn A. Lo

Art Houses

Art Houses should be accessible not only to the artists themselves but also to visitors from the country and from abroadAlong with some government support, Art lovers will support the creativity of artists by investing in Art, buying it, and entering into partnership or sponsorship deals.
Organizers and membership decision-makers will be the successful artists themselves, not the government bureaucracy looking for an easy paycheck. 

Massive investment in Creativity and Art will also bring short and long-term benefits on the physical plane, such as a reduction in internal and external conflicts and therefore wars.



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