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A young woman with a determined expression stands amidst the rubble of a bombed-out city. The word "WARSAW" drips with blood, symbolizing the sacrifices made during the Warsaw Uprising.

Warsaw ’44: Metaphysical Film Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

The film Warsaw ’44 (2014) beautifully captures the spirit of young Polish rebels fighting for the fundamental values of Light, such as Freedom*, Independence, and Human Rights. Freedom, the cornerstone of Light, is the driving force behind their struggle. They yearn for independence, a concept essential for existence in worlds with higher collective consciousness than our own. Dedication Fuels the Fight To wage this courageous… Read More »Warsaw ’44: Metaphysical Film Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1972). Movie Review

“Brother Sun, Sister Moon” – Spiritual Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Review of the Spiritual Film “Brother Sun, Sister Moon”, 1972, by Jacklyn A. Lo. The central theme of “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” revolves around Enlightenment, driven by the Spiritual Choice toward Light. Thou Shalt Not Kill The film is set in the Middle Ages in Italy, a time when war was not only accepted but even glorified despite the Christian commandment against killing. Peace as… Read More »“Brother Sun, Sister Moon” – Spiritual Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Film Braveheart (1995)

Braveheart (1995): A Metaphysical Dive into Freedom

Metaphysical review of Braveheart (1995) by Jacklyn A. Lo Based on historical events, Mel Gibson‘s Braveheart (1995)  is a remarkable film that explores Spiritual Choice toward Light and its central value – Freedom. Freedom While some of us are fortunate to inherit freedom as a birthright, many must fight for it. William Wallace was among those who, though born into subjugation, chose the path of… Read More »Braveheart (1995): A Metaphysical Dive into Freedom

The Fencer ( 2015)

Fencer (2015). Metaphysical Movie Review

Metaphysical review Jacklyn A. Lo for the film “The Fencer ( 2015)“. Since this film is partially based on true events, and its plot – on real historical facts, this makes the story realistic and believable. Young man Endel Nelis flees the brutality of the Stalinist secret police  in a small town. His goal is to hide in this place in anticipation of better times… Read More »Fencer (2015). Metaphysical Movie Review

Ann and Rob

Redemption Novel. Excerpt Six

  In the sixth excerpt from the Redemption novel, Ann continues to ask Rob about Fate, Free Will, and their relationship to Spiritual Choice. ***** Ann thought about this as she disconnected from the tunnel’s SmartDrive and headed towards the exit. Could this really be true? Had her life in twenty-first-century America really been shaped by the lives of Mi, Ra, and Isabelle? Had there… Read More »Redemption Novel. Excerpt Six

Ann and Rob. Redemption

Redemption Novel. Excerpt Five

  In the fifth excerpt from the Redemption novel, Ann requested Rob to explain the reincarnation principle to her.   *****   “Tell me all about it,” Ann asked, steering her car through the city center. “I want all the info you’ve got on the reincarnation chain thing.” She’d left the café slightly later than expected and decided it wasn’t worth returning to the office.… Read More »Redemption Novel. Excerpt Five

Ann and Rob, Redemption novel by Jacklyn A. Lo

Redemption Novel. Excerpt Four

  In the fourth excerpt from the Redemption novel, Rob explains to Ann the spiritual purpose of sacrifice, the connection of positive karma with redemption, and the intangible value of Freedom and Love. ***** “I don’t understand it, Rob,” said Ann as she stepped out of the shower. “I had expected these nightmares to stop after going to the psychic. Several weeks have passed but… Read More »Redemption Novel. Excerpt Four