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Fencer (2015). Metaphysical Movie Review

The Fencer ( 2015)

Metaphysical review Jacklyn A. Lo for the film “The Fencer ( 2015)“.

Since this film is partially based on true events, and its plot – on real historical facts, this makes the story realistic and believable.
Young man Endel Nelis flees the brutality of the Stalinist secret police  in a small town. His goal is to hide in this place in anticipation of better times and to save his own life.

In the meantime, supervising the physical training of local schoolchildren, he decided to organize a fencing circle for them.
Not everything goes smoothly, but, finally, he has a number of very well-trained guys ready to compete with athletes from Moscow itself!
The culmination of the movie is the Spiritual Choice of Endel Nelis.

The Spiritual Choice toward Light, that the protagonist chooses, is always the most difficult among choices and always requires sacrifice. But this film is notable for the particular fact that the sacrifice is done for the benefit of others. Normally, it’s a give up of something material which has been very important or even treasurable for a person.

However, in this movie, the protagonist gives away one of the most important intangible assets  – his own Freedom!
Another important thing – Endel sacrificed himself for the intangible asset of Light, which was Hope.

But this Hope is not for his benefit, but the Hope which he can give to others, i.e. school children.
The end of the film is happy.  However, it was not so obvious to Endel at the time of his decision-making. After all, in addition to losing his Freedom, he could also lose his life.


The film Fencer ( 2015), directed by Klaus Härö and written by Anna Heinämaa is a must to watch movie for any Spiritual Seeker.


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