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Why War? Part VII

Degradation of USSR


When a Spiritual Entity ( also a country)  is not able to make the Spiritual Choice toward Light and constantly accumulates Dark Energies, the Higher Ones might it a program of Degradation1


In the hands of the Highest, Degradation is a tool for clearing accumulated harmful energies. Thus, in 1964, the leader of the USSR, Nikita Khrushchev was replaced by Leonid Brezhnev, who has all the prerequisites to implement the Degradation plan.


Brezhnev begins his regime with the mass production of nuclear and other weapons, costing the Soviet economy dearly.

At the same time, any enterprise, initiative in the economy, or freedom of thought is severely punished. Violators are punished either by prison or a psychiatric hospital (injustice and slavery are the Values of the Darks). 

No Choice 

A top-planned economy2 with fixed prices and an information vacuum is a “No Choice” situation (a feature of the Darks).

The lack of motivation and incentives push people into jobs where they can steal, for example, catering, trade, etc. The value of honest work is drastically reduced.

The Commandment of God “Thou shalt not steal is violated on the level of the whole country.

Values of Darks

In addition, in 1968 Russia (USSR) carries out an invasion of Czechoslovakia to suppress human rights and freedom (inhumanity and slavery = values of Darks) and starts a war in Afghanistan in 1969 (war = value of Darks).

Faith in communism

At the same time, the government elite strongly promotes faith in communism along with the worship of Lenin and the cult of Brezhnev.

That brings a violation of the 1st and 2nd Commandments and dedicated negative karma for the country.


To increase government revenue, Brezhnev actively uses the sale of alcohol. Drunkenness is becoming a serious social problem, which also affects the quality of goods produced and services to the population.

At the metaphysical level, stagnant processes in the country lead to a slow but steady loss of previously accumulated energies. This greatly affects the country’s economy, causing a shortage of all products, including essential goods.


Addicted to glory3 and autocracy L. Brezhnev becomes the perfect executor of the Highest plan for the USSR’s Degradation. Old and ill he drags on his role until the very end of his life (1982).

Addicted to glory and autocracy, L. Brezhnev becomes the perfect executor of the Almighty’s plan for the degradation of the USSR. Old and sick, Brezhnev drags his role to the very end of his life (1982).


Fig 2. Brezhnev's addictions

Fig 2. Brezhnev’s addictions


1 The process of Degradation is well described in the books of contactees L. Seklitova, L. Strelnikova

2 Everything was planned from above, there was little that could be done from the level of the household, the individual worker, or the enterprise.  This killed the initiative from below, and the planned nature of the system brought the situation to the point of absurdity: for example, in the light industry, to make minimal changes in the design of clothes, it took an extremely long time to coordinate them in different bureaucratic instances.

3 Brezhnev’s first desire as a future leader of the USSR was that the entire party elite should stand up when he enters the hall 😉.

M. Gorbachev

The average age of the government elite in the USSR in 80-tees was about 70 years. 

Sick and old successors of Brezhnev fall ill and died one after another, clearing a place for relatively young Mikhail GorbachevHaving become a leader of the USSR in 1985 Gorbachev set a new challenge for the country – the Spiritual Direction toward Light.



As we learned, the Spiritual Choice towards the Light is the most difficult choice. Therefore, oil prices on the world market are falling, which further weakens the Russian economy.


The leader of the country Gorbachev is able to establish the main Value of Light – FREEDOM

Russians get the opportunity to travel abroad, open a business, and publish and read books that have been banned for almost 70 years.

As a real pacifist, Gorbachev also gives political freedom to the Eastern Bloc of countries.


As a new direction was chosen, a new dictionary was created.

New words such as GLASTNOST (Freedom of Speech) and PERESTROIKA (Reconstruction) appear in spoken and written languages in the USSR.

Faith in Communism

However, the new leader still violates the 1st Commandment of God, keeping the Faith in communism, which continues to generate negative karmafor the country.

Command Economy

Another problem is that Gorbachev is in no hurry to change the command economy( slavery is a feature of Darkness) to the market economy (freedom is a feature of Light).

Half-hearted measures impede rapid economic growth.

Eastern Bloc

As the Russian economy continues to decline, financial assistance to the countries of the Eastern Bloc ends, causing the bloc itself to collapse. Most likely, this is a continuation of the degradation process that began in Brezhnev’s time.


  • Guided by Compassion, the Higher Ones give the USSR a Degradation program for cleaning Dark Energies
  • L. Brezhnev, obsessed with glory and autocracy, is an excellent executor of this plan
  • After 21 years of forced cleansing, the USSR finally gets a chance to head for the Light through the new leader –  M. Gorbachev
  • The degradation of the USSR and the granted freedom give a chance to destroy the communist regimes in the countries of the Eastern Bloc



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