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What is Spiritual Choice?


A Spiritual Choice is the main choice of one person during a lifetime or the choice of a nation over decades. This Choice influences their destiny for a long period of time.

For example, the consequences of one Spiritual Choice can affect several lives of an individual and the millennia of a nation.

Spiritual Choice is the point of “no return” affecting invisible and intangible matters such as consciousness and mentality.

The best way to describe the Spiritual Choice of a person or nation is through someone’s life story in a film or novel.  Check out the Spiritual Choices of the main characters in our Movie Reviews.

Spiritual Directions

We can also say that a Spiritual Choice is a mental choice for a further Spiritual Direction.

There are two main Spiritual Directions – the path toward Darkness and the path toward LightIn both chosen directions, a person accumulates energy potential and, therefore, develops and evolves. However, the qualities of accumulative energies when moving toward Darkness and toward Light will not be the same.

But there is also a sub-direction – Degradation. In the case of the selected sub-direction, a person will constantly waste the previously accumulated energy potential, which is Involution. The waste of Energies is severely punished not only in the earthly but also in the subtle worlds.


Spiritual Directions

Pic. 1  Spiritual Directions

Spiritual Choice and Spiritual Concepts

Spiritual Choice is based on several Spiritual concepts, such as Free Will, Reincarnation, and several Universal Laws.

The main Universal Laws for humankind are the Law of Evolution, the Law of Change, and the Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) among others.

   Free Will

Free Will is the main tool to execute a Spiritual Choice. Without Free Will is impossible to exercise a Spiritual Choice.

Free Will helps a human to differentiate himself and define his Spiritual Direction.

Following the latest information from contactees, Free Will is not available for all people.

It’s given to young souls living the first ten lives and to mature souls moving towards Light.  The mature souls that made their final Spiritual Choice toward Darkness have lost their Free Will.  After that, they cannot exercise their own choices.

    Law of Reincarnation

The Law of Reincarnation works only in the lower spheres,i.e. physical world.

The physical world on our planet Earth belongs to such spheres.  A relatively short physical life is given to a person with a purpose – the shorter the project, the easier is to implement it and fewer mistakes occur.

     Law of Evolution

The Law of Evolution and the Law of Change are the main driving forces of human evolution. The great spiritual teacher Gautama Buddha said that nothing is permanent; everything and everyone is changing every fraction of a second.

Consequently, each Change has a beneficial effect on both the individual and humanity.

     Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect, or in other words the Law of Karma, helps people to understand that each doing matters. This Law is always about correcting mistakes.

This Law works only for those souls who still have their Free Will, i.e. for those who did not make their Final Spiritual Choice toward Darkness.

The Law works effectively by providing practical cases and situations. For example, if a person has dealt with someone unfairly, then the law of Karma will force him to experience a similar injustice from someone else.

*Final Spiritual Choice toward Darkness is a Choice of no return to Direction toward Light

Why Spiritual Choice is Important?

According to contactees* with Supreme Consciousness, we live in a transition period from the fifth to the sixth human race. That is an extremely challenging time since the results of the previous era are summed up, and humans’ destinies are decided.  That’s why the Spiritual Choice of each of us is especially important in this junction period of time.

The best of the population, which is roughly a third part of the planet, will get an upgrade of their spiritual bodies and shift to the Earth’s 6th race.

The souls of people with a lowered energy and spiritual potential will be transferred to the denser worlds of our God’s Hierarchy.

A tiny group of the very best souls will receive liberation** from the physical world and enter the Upper realm.

Unfortunately, 10% of the Earth’s total population, which is now about 800 million people, will be decoded. Decoding of a soul means spiritual death, no return.

There is not too much time left for correcting errors and wrongdoings, i.e. for working with negative karma; therefore, we have to focus on the most efficient tools and methods to lift our own destiny. One of these tools is Spiritual Choice.


*Contactees are people who are able to receive information from the Higher World

** Liberation is deliverance from physical reality, i.e. from the obligation to incarnate. In India, people call it Moksha (salvation).

This article is the edited version of Spiritual Choice. Part I ( Jan 3, 2021)


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