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A Clockwork Orange (1971)

A Clockwork Orange (1971). Spiritual Movie Review - Jacklyn A. Lo

A Clockwork Orange (1971) is simply the best of Kubrick.

This is a bizarre movie with dark characters.  The protagonist, Alex DeLarge (awesomely played by Malcolm McDowell), is one of those.

qualities of darkness

Spiritual entities moving towards Darkness have their own qualities.

For example, Darks’ qualities as violence, the absence of regrets about offenses, cruelty, and tight control over gang members are all presented in Alex.

At a certain point, Alex becomes extremely dangerous. As a result, an uptight society is pushed to isolate him by sending him to prison.

dark character

During his life in jail, Alex gets a copy of the New Testament.

The bible is given to Alex to become a better person, but it attracts him only from a Dark character point of view.

For instance, he doesn’t feel any compassion for Jesus but the enjoyment of a Roman soldier’s cruelty beating him.


Society, struggling with Alex, intends to send the young man to an experiment.

Prison is not the best place for Alex, and he enjoys a chance to get out of jail.

On the other hand, a representative of religion offers an idea to give Alex a (Spiritual) choice, as a true medicine for a young person (and society), but he does not receive any support.

no choice

From a spiritual perspective, this no-choice situation is predetermined for Alex since the Dark Ones have no choice.

negative karma

Further, after the experimental treatment, Alex gets freedom, but accumulated negative karma acts against him and requires reckoning, so – he suffers.


The ending of the movie provides a new twist of survival for the protagonist.

Alex gets help from a representative of the highest society, who offers him a mutually beneficial deal.

The evolution of Alex towards Darkness continues on a new level.

Great movie!

Jacklyn A. Lo is the author of this movie review.

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