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Scarface (1983)- Metaphysical Review by Jacklyn A.Lo

Scarface (1983). Spiritual Movie Review - Jacklyn A. Lo

A key phrase in the movie Scarface (1983), by director Brian De Palma, is a Spiritual choice towards Light.

The main protagonist, Tony Montana, immigrates from Cuba, the limited opportunities country, to the USA, the land with the more significant potential for survival.


However, in America, he doesn’t want to work as a dishwasher, and his ambitions lead him into the mafia world.


He has a mature soul, which allows him to see right through people, situations, and environments and draw the right conclusions quickly.

In other words, the ability to separate the chaff from the grain gives him a vision of how to get success.

tough decisions

Above all, he doesn’t murder people based only on suspicions but instead prefers to double-check and only after that make tough decisions.

value of achievements

Wealth does not make him lazy or more relaxed. He knows the value of his achievements. He prefers not only to recount the earned money himself but also to look for the most profitable deal for the financial transactions.

caring brother

Tony respects women in his way and takes care of his younger sister, which is younger not only by her age but also by her spiritual experience, as she is a very young soul.

absence of pride

Besides, he goes for marriage, not because of lust or pride but because he wants to have children with the woman he likes.

Spiritual Choice

The climax of the film is Tony’s Spiritual Choice.
Spinning in the world of Darks, he knows the consequence of his action against them.  Non-compliance with the essential agreement has only one result for him – his death. Despite this, he decides to save the lives of strangers –  two children and a woman.


In conclusion, a Spiritual Choice is always a test. The Higher Powers never rely on what people neither think nor talk about, but They test humans through their choice in the situations They prepared for them.


The situation* for which the Spiritual Choice is designed must correspond to the level of a person’s Consciousness. However, the individual is drawn into this situation unconsciously, so he cannot avoid it anyway.

uniqueness of Choice

In the film Scarface (1983), the Spiritual Choice is unique because the protagonist got only a fraction of a second to make his life-death decision.

Redemption novel

Find more about the Spiritual Choices in the Redemption novel.
* Source of the info:
The choice of the soul, Seklitova Larisa, Strelnikova Lyudmila
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