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Marley (2012). Metaphysical Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Metaphysical Review of Film Marley by Jacklyn A. Lo


Metaphysical Movie Review by Jacklyn A. LoMarley (2012).

The Marley (2012) directed by Kevin Macdonald, is an inspiring documentary movie recommended to anyone, but especially to musicians.


Creativity is not a high-speed road, but a sideway with many branches. However, the destiny of a real artist like Marvey is to build his own unique track.
In spite of all obstacles and a short life path, Bob Marley was able to build his own trail, becoming one of the most famous reggae musicians.

Values of Light

Marley’s songs are full of meaning. They contain the intangible Values of Light, such as Love, Human Rights, Freedom, Oneness, and Hope, so he was definitely a spiritual entity moving toward the Light.

Marley was born in a relatively poor country – Jamaica ( with a GDP per capita per annual under USD 1 000 ). There were no grants nor donations for musicians in that country and for covering the cost of very basic living and for musical projects Bob had to do a physical job.
Even traveling to the US didn’t bring him extra monetary help, as he was fooled by the producers.

Financial difficulties

Artists are people with special creative energy but are not necessarily capable of solving financial issues. They are often fooled by the organizers of their concerts, producers, etc. This provides disunity and frustration as well. Thus, due to financial difficulties, some of the Marley band members left the team.

Path of an artist

The path of an artist is not easy – try it yourself – turn off the usual fast highway to a country road with forks. You will see the difference in time and effort to get to your destination.
However, a real artist, that is, producing original content, is an artist who paves the way even without any map – strictly in a blind way.

Hard work

Marley understood that it is necessary to activate creativity, “earning” this energy with physical exercises, early awakenings, and daily hard work. And Bob was industrious, allowing himself to sleep only 4-5 hours.

The higher consciousness of Bob could not be indifferent to the spiritual, higher consciousness, i.e. God, and this was reflected in his work.

Termination of life project

The early termination of his life project (death at the age of 36) could be due to the early completion of his life program. And who knows, maybe, as a reward for his work, he was given a one-way ticket only, i.e. no more incarnations in the physical world.

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