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Metaphysical Review – “Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014)”

Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014) movie poster

Metaphysical Movie Review by Jacklyn A. LoEscobar: Paradise Lost (2014), Director Andrea Di Stefano.


Pablo Escobar: A Spiritual Entity Moving Toward Darkness

An amazing historical film about Pablo Escobar, a mature soul embodied in one of the most violent and corrupt countries on Earth in 1991.

Risky Land for Naive Souls

Although Pablo speaks to God and the Holy Mary and talks about spirituality, the brutalized energies of his soul make him a predator without mercy. Escobar requires full loyalty from anyone around him, making a personal army of slaves from the less spiritually evolved souls. As slavery is a value of darkness, we can conclude that Escobar is a spiritual entity moving toward darkness.

According to the script of the film, Pablo not only controls every step of the people in his environment but also makes decisions about the future fate of this or that person – to give him life or death.

Nick: A Naive Soul 

Another key character is Nick, a young Canadian man who followed to Colombia with his brother, as he said, “to help him.” He is a single man and at a certain point, he meets Maria, a niece of Pablo, and starts to date her.

Nick is spiritually less experienced and naive, especially when it comes to understanding the source of Maria’s family’s wealth.

This naivety leads to certain poor decisions. For example, although the wealth of Maria’s family is in stark contrast to the poverty around them, Nick doesn’t question the source of this wealth. Even when Maria tells him about drug trafficking as her uncle’s business, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.

Profound Lesson in Darkness and Light

Nick’s naivety is also evident in his idea of starting a surf business in South America “for free.” He is quickly attacked by local criminals for refusing to pay them.

Escobar, constantly watching Maria’s boyfriend, blocks Nick’s tendency toward independence, giving him very limited freedom. In a relationship with Nick, Pablo resembles a mature spider that lures its less aware victim into a web and then drinks all the juice out of it, even if he “loves” it.

Nick slowly but steadily accepts Maria’s uncle’s cruel and immoral demands. For example, he closes his eyes to the cruel death of the racketeers organized by Pablo. He also confirms his loyalty when Pablo asks him about it; agrees to participate in the hiding of Pablo’s treasures, and even becomes willing to commit murder on his command.

Eventually, Nick comes to realize the danger posed by Escobar to his own life and his family. This experience serves as a profound lesson for his soul, one he will carry into eternity.

A Missed Chance to Preach

Escobar’s very last words to the priest are full of pride. Indeed, Pablo mocks not only the priest who pronounces memorized phrases but also God Himself. However, in reality, Pablo, heading to prison, only repeats Satan’s false pride.

The film could have been stronger if the priest had challenged Escobar, teaching him—and us—a valuable lesson. This, after all, is the role of spiritual leaders: to help us understand who we are and lead us toward spiritual growth and enlightenment.


¹The film leaves open the question of why Nick, coming from economically prosperous Canada, didn’t agree to pay the locals for his business. Was it disrespect, a desire for a “free ride,” or something else? This could have provided more insight into Nick’s character and his reasons for marrying Maria.

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