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Se7en ( 1995). Metaphysical Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Cover of Feature Film Se7en

Metaphysical Movie Review by Jacklyn A. Lo – Se7en ( 1995), director David Fincher.

This is an awesome mystery film with metaphysical elements.

In a period of church crisis, there is a high need for content that would give people some answers to the question of what is good and what is bad.

spiritual awakening

“Seven” is a rare film capable of promoting spiritual awakening in an entertaining yet educational way.

The main hero here is antagonist John Doe – a mature spiritual entity with high-end energetic potential, a missioner from Satan‘s team*.

karmic lesson

Driven by a program, without Free Will, he does the job ordered by the Head of Darks – to provide a karmic lesson to sinners.

Doe is highly goal-orientated, well-disciplined, and organized being ( features of high-end energetic potential).


At some point, when John could have killed Mills but didn’t, it looks like John is a merciful person (mercy is the Value of Light). However, this is only the beginning of his next karmic setup. 

As the value of his own physical life is much lower than the value of the mission, John doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice it for the job to be done.

young soul

On another hand,  protagonist detective David Mills is relatively young not only by the age of his physical body but also by his soul

Driven by overconfidence, intemperance, and underestimation of the enemy, Mills does not stop for a minute to comprehend the “generous” act of John. Mills’ co-worker, Detective Somerset, with a higher consciousness than Mills, tries to point out the danger but fails. 


As a result, Mills, succumbing to his own anger, falls into a clever trap set by Doe. This lesson will go with him beyond the present life and ends up in eternity.

The film “SE7EN” by director David Fincher is recommended for everyone who enjoys stories with metaphysical content.


* murdering people is a feature of Darkness 

Picture in the article:  ©IMDb 


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