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The Mists of Avalon (2001)

The Mist of Avalon TV Mini-Series (2001). Spiritual Movie Review - Jacklyn A. Lo

The Mists of Avalon (2001), director Uli Edel, is a historical drama with several great spiritual terms.

soul and reincarnation

For instance, belief in the soul and reincarnation – “we are souls who lived before,” in addition to the representation of a sacred Goddess

who keeps things in balance: good and evil, prey and predator, and many others.


However, the fascinating spiritual concept in the story is that of destiny.

Consequently, the fate of Avalon and its rulers’ land is a red line in the story.

highest priestess

One of the main characters is Lady of the Lake – Vivianne.

She is the highest priestess, and she follows her duties to the best of her abilities.

Most importantly, the priestess is well-trained for the position of taking care of her kingdom and has supernatural skills.

supernatural skills

For example, one of them is the ability to see the future.

As a result,  she can see different scenarios of the “pre-scheduled” future based on the choices of the people ruling that land.


By Vivianne’s vision, the destiny of Avalon is shaped by the rulers’ choices.
Consequently, she gives a piece of advice for the best-case scenario future.

However, her mission is misunderstood.


Meanwhile, Morgaine, who was supposed to succeed Vivianne, does not realize the importance of making the right choice.

As a result, she feels that personal happiness is more significant than the destiny of her land.

Morgaine rebels against the “cruelty” of Vivianne and her “human manipulation” to the detriment of the prosperous future of Avalon.


After that, the tragic end of the movie shows us how Morgaine was wrong.

Her disobedience of Vivianne has terrible consequences. 

Firstly it led to the death of the highest priestess.

Secondly, it generated a war between Morgaine’s son and her beloved brother and the death of both of them’s.

Further, the absence of the kingdom’s ruler, in addition to her loneliness and Avalon’s cruel fate.

Jacklyn A. Lo is the author of this movie review.

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