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Mr. Nobody (2009)

Mr. Nobody ( 2009). Spiritual Movie Review - Jacklyn A. Lo

The movie Mr. Nobody (2009), director Jaco Van Dormael, is a bizarre mix of fantasy, sci-fi, drama, romance, and spirituality.

human and choice

In short, it’s about a human and his choice, the choice that could change the life whether this or that way.

life scenarios 

The film starts with an old man who has problems with his memory. With the help of a psychic, he travels into several scenarios of his life.

As a result, every trip sets up his “fresh” future. For example, he wakes up in diverse environments with varied life partners and follows new situations.

parallel worlds

This variety of life scenarios could explain the theory that there are many parallel worlds around us.  Each parallel world works in its way.    

Therefore, a little nuance in the situation influencing a human’s choice brings a new life scenario.

chose your parents

Another concept represented in the movie is “chose your parents” before you’re born; in other words, choices define everything.


In conclusion, my favorite part in Mr. Nobody is a well-implemented futuristic environment, thanks to exciting sci-fi ideas.

“Mr. Nobody” is recommended to any Spiritual seeker!


Jacklyn A. Lo is the author of this movie review.

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