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Spiritual film “Soul,” 2020 – Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Review of movie Soul

Review of the Metaphysical Film “Soul”, 2020, by Jacklyn A. Lo.

Pixar Animation Studios, renowned for its consistently meaningful and heartwarming films, has once again delivered a masterpiece with Soul (2020).
This captivating animated film, infused with metaphysical elements, delves into the profound concept of “Spiritual Choice” in a way that resonates deeply with viewers of all ages.


Joe Gardner, a passionate jazz pianist, yearns to grace the jazz club stage and inspire others with his music. However, life has steered him towards an ordinary job as a middle school band teacher. His aspirations seem out of reach until one day, he faces a pivotal dilemma: accept a secure, all-encompassing existence or pursue his dreams, no matter the uncertainties.

Spiritual Choice

In essence, Joe confronts a significant milestone – the Spiritual Choice. This transformative decision, often encountered in life’s journey, demands deep introspection and self-discovery. It’s a moment to weigh the pursuit of true passions and fulfilling one’s higher purpose against the allure of a comfortable, secure existence.

Meaningful Life

Pixar subtly suggests that the Spiritual Choice isn’t about a specific decision, such as a career or relationship. It’s about aligning oneself with their authentic self and embracing their true calling, even amidst challenges and uncertainties. It’s about living a meaningful, fulfilling life, not merely existing.


The Spiritual Choice marks a pivotal moment in every individual’s journey, and Joe is no exception. His hardworking mother, understandably, urges him towards a secure path. Recognizing the inherent duration of every Spiritual Choice, Joe receives a unique opportunity to extend his final decision by entering a limbo-like state – a magical realm bridging the physical world (Earth) and heaven. The inherent duration of every Spiritual Choice underscores that these decisions are not fleeting impulses but rather ongoing journeys of self-discovery and spiritual evolution.


This journey helps Joe embrace the challenge, guiding him towards a Spiritual Choice that aligns with the Light, ultimately leading him to fulfill his dream of joining a jazz band.

Light is an ocean

However, the film’s ending feels slightly underwhelming when Joe expresses his concerns to the jazz band founder, who imparts a life philosophy using the analogy of two fish.

The ending would have been more impactful if Joe had independently arrived at this enlightened perspective, realizing that life is an ocean, and the path to the goal is as significant as the goal itself.


Complementing the “Spiritual Choice” are other metaphysical principles woven into the film, such as souls, life after death, and a higher power, adding layers of intrigue and uniqueness to the narrative.

Deepest values

In conclusion, the animated film Soul, directed by Pete Docter and Kemp Powers, is a compelling story masterfully blending profound spiritual elements with entertaining storytelling.
It invites viewers of all ages, both children and adults, to contemplate their own Spiritual Choices. It prompts them to align their life’s direction with their deepest values and dreams. This brings the concept of the “Spiritual Choice” to the forefront of our collective consciousness.




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