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Tove (2020). Metaphysical Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Metaphysical Movie Review by Jacklyn A. Lo – Tove (2020).

Tove (2020), [IMDb link] is a biopic that dares to deviate from the usual dark tone of biopics, infusing the narrative with a touch of light-heartedness and humor. The film follows the life of Tove Jansson, the Swedish-language artist who created the beloved Moomin characters.

Society’s vs Personal Desires

The film takes place in post-war Helsinki. The film follows Tova Jansson, a young artist who struggles with society’s expectations and her personal aspirations. In search of greater creative freedom, Tove begins a passionate affair with married politician Atos Virtanen.

Tradition vs Independence

Tove’s father, Victor Jansson, a famous sculptor, held traditional views on art and society, believing that women should put family life above creative pursuits. Despite admiring her father’s artistic talents, Tove boldly defies his expectations, forging her own path to creative fulfillment.

Financial Gain vs  Dreams

Tove’s artistic ambitions not only clash with her father’s traditional views, creating a rift between them, but also with the prevailing norms of Finnish society. This conflict forces Tove to defy society’s expectations, making her ineligible for government grants and her father’s financial assistance. As a result, she faces financial difficulties and finds it difficult to even pay rent.

Spiritual Strength

Despite the challenges she faces, Tove has unwavering resilience and determination. Little by little she realizes her dream of bringing the Moomin world to life. Luck and her unwavering dedication to her dream led to an exhibition of her Moomin characters, which brought her the recognition she deserved.

The Plight of Artists in the World of High-Tech

Tove’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by artists around the world. Although Tove eventually achieved success, many artists continue to struggle with financial difficulties. In Finland, only 10% of artists receive grants to cover their basic living expenses, and the remaining 90% are forced to give up their hobbies and do routine work to make ends meet.

Recognition of the Value of Art and Creativity

Any economically developed society must not only recognize the intrinsic value of art and creativity, but also provide financial support to aspiring artists. In an era where artificial intelligence increasingly dominates, creativity emerges as a unique human power that can not only inspire and enrich our lives, but also serve as a method for achieving a competitive advantage for humans in a world of machines.

Houses of Art: a Platform for Emerging Artists

Beyond traditional museums, there is a dire need for institutions that specifically cater to emerging artists, regardless of age, race, or background.

Designed as vibrant hubs of creativity, these Arts Houses will be located in the heart of bustling urban centers. They will serve as a platform to promote intercultural exchange, collaboration between artists and art lovers, promoting a deeper understanding of the transformative power of art.

Empowering Artists and Inspiring Society

These institutions have the potential to increase the visibility and recognition of art in society, attracting investors, partners and the general public. By nurturing the next generation of artistic pioneers, these Art Houses will ultimately contribute to the overall upliftment of society.

A Film that Resonates with Today’s World

Tove (2020) is a compelling film that chronicles the life of an extraordinary artist and the challenges she faced in realizing her creative vision. The film’s poignant message about the importance of art and creativity in society is especially relevant in the modern world. By emphasizing the transformative power of art, Tove reminds us of the vital role creativity plays in shaping our world and enriching our lives.


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