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City of Angels (1998)

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City of Angels (1998), director Brad Silberling, is a gentle spiritual movie with a sad ending.

The key phrase for this film is Humans vs. Angels.

Excellent implementation of the plot by the main characters – Nicolas Cage, and Meg Ryan.

free will

The story is based on the concept of Free Will, which allows any spiritual being to make their own choices.

Seth, an angel of origin, begins to strive to become a man. The reason for this is his love for a mortal woman.

spiritual choice

As a result, at the time of Spiritual Choice, Seth decides to become a person. Therefore, from a spiritual point of view, he falls.

The former angel receives what he wanted, but his happiness was not long.

love story

The love story ends tragically exposing imperfection of the materialistic world.

subtle world

Therefore, the lesson learned – the materialistic world – is a lower stage of development of a spiritual being. Moreover, there is a great risk of being human compared to the being of the subtle world.

Universal laws

Universal laws act in such a way that any spiritual being must evolve, that is, first from the world of minerals to plants, then to the world of animals and, finally, from animals to people.

Man, in turn, must strive to leave the material world, that is, to free himself and join the subtle world.

The spiritual entities such as Angeles also have their evolution. However, Seth experiences involution due to his Spiritual Choice.


Summing up: some of us are sensitive enough to see the subtle world and spiritual beings in it. Some people may see their Heavenly Teachers, especially in danger of death.

Thus, the film “City of Angels” is an excellent embodiment of intangible matters such as angels and the  Free Will.

thank you

Thank you for the wonderful movie that helps us clarify the materialistic reality and beyond!

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