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The Man from Earth (2007)

Man from Earth ( 2007). Spiritual Movie Review - Jacklyn A. Lo

The story of the movie The Man from Earth (2007), director Richard Schenkman is based on a very simple but unique idea about a human who was born 14 thousand years ago.

Qestions & Answers

It is a contained, very low-cost thriller based on fascinating questions and answers

session done in a very entertaining way and supportive by an excellent cast.


In general, the story of time-travelling for the 14k-year-old man was presented very naturally and believably; that is until they reached biblical times.

The story failed to deliver the right concepts and depictions of Bible characters.

Old Testament

To question the prophet, Moses’ myth is the same as questioning the Old Testament itself and subsequently God Himself.

That is vulnerable to young souls with an unstable faith in God.

Jesus Christ

The same threat comes with the made-up story about Jesus Christ.

Denying his spiritual choice, enlightenment, and resurrection are downscaling the power of a human being. Therefore it gives space for brutality, atheism, and degradation of human consciousness.


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