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The Last Duel ( 2021). Metaphysical Movie Review

The Last Duel. Movie review

Metaphysical review of  the film “The Last Duel (2021)” by Jacklyn A. Lo

Based on a true story, The Last Duel ( 2021) directed by Ridley Scott, is a rare-to-find film about Women’s Rights and the Justice of God. Our modern model of the physical world on Earth is based on male consciousness.


The consciousness of men, on average, is lower than the consciousness of women, which makes a woman a commodity for the comfort of a man. Fortunately, it must be admitted that, compared with the Middle Ages, male consciousness has grown, but it is still far from perfection. This story, described in The Last Duel, took place at the end of the 14th Century, in France.

Woman vs Man

One of the main characters of the film is Marguerite de Carrouges, a magnificent woman, beautiful, intelligent, educated, diplomatic, and able to make difficult decisions on her own. In contrast, her husband, the knight Jean de Carrouges, is much older than Marguerite, a quick-tempered, illiterate, and rude person. However, he is a brave fighter, has a title, and proposed an official marriage to Marguerite.

Ladies’ Man

One day, while shopping in the city, Margarita meets the handsome Jacques Le Gris, refined in manners and foreign languages. They have a pleasant conversation. Spoiled by female attention and the availability of the female body (after all, he participates in the sexual orgies of Pierre d’Alençon himself!), Jacques Le Gris lights up with a passion for Marguerite.


After waiting for the moment when Margarita has been left alone,   Jacques Le Gris enters her castle with seductive words and empty hands. Margarite, being a smart woman, rejects the freeloader. However, Jacques does not give up and, inflamed with passion, takes possession of Marguerite. Through this act, he commits two sins – adultery and rape. Marguerite talks to his husband about the happening. In the Medieval Ages, a woman is a property of a man and Marguerite can not apply to a court by herself. Therefore, the knight Jean de Carrouges does it for her.  


Be that as it may, society in this situation is more cynical.  The husband’s mother scolds Marguerite for publicly exposing the rape. After all, in her opinion, rape is the norm, not the exception (!). Even the best friend of Margarita is against her and claims in court that Marguerite actually once mentioned that Jacques is handsome.

God’s Justice

The court itself is made up of men only. With complete ignorance of female physiology, they ask Marguerite very personal and even intimate questions. She answers them with dignity. The court decides that Marguerite’s husband should have a duel with her seducer Jacques Le Gris. The idea behind this is that God is the One who is supposed to provide Justice. In other words, the one who wins is right. However, a shocking surprise awaits Marguerite –  if her husband loses, she will be punished with terrible torture, since defeat will mean that she lied.

Spiritual Test

Jacques Le Gris confesses adultery to a priest. He excuses his sin through his love for Marguerite. However, the priest explains that it was not love, but lust given by Satan. And Jacques’ job was to recognize this spiritual challenge and act accordingly. However, Jacques justifies himself by the fact that the feeling that gripped him was so strong that he had no way to resist. But the priest explains that God does not give a test higher than what anyone can bear.

Weapon Enchantment Ban

Another fascinating metaphysical theme in this movie is a Weapon Enchantment Ban. After all, a high-class wizard with his sorcery can add additional energy to any weapon that will be used in a duel. Today, this can be compared to doping by an athlete. A high-energy drug is able to give the athlete additional strength, which makes his victory more likely. Also, as in the case of doping, witchcraft was not allowed, and whoever broke the rule should be punished.


In spite of the fact, that on average women have higher consciousness than men they have got fewer rights. In accordance with statistics even in the most developed countries, females have 30% lower salaries than males with equal educational and professional merits. But seven hundred years ago women were also the property of men with all economical and political dependency.  Thus, such films raise awareness of gender inequality, which is very necessary to correct inequality.  But the problem can not be solved if it is hidden, therefore, it must be more films like “The Last Duel”, providing awareness of the violation of women’s rights, including rape. And, of course, in times of church crisis, any story about cultivating trust in God is a valuable help in cultivating Faith in our Spiritual Father, His Works, and His Values.



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