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The Last King of Scotland (2006). Review

Illustration. The Last King of Scotland.

Thou shalt not commit adultery – God

Based on the true events from the 1970s The Last King of Scotland, directed by Kevin Macdonald is a historical film with a karmic lesson. 

to make a difference

The main character Nicholas Garrigan has just graduated from medical school and is looking for a job. Being of Scottish origin, he does not want to work in a Western world country, but prefers to go to the unknown African Uganda. As he says: “I want to make a difference.”

attempted adultery

As soon as the young doctor enters the working environment, he immediately jumps at the opportunity to seduce Sarah. This woman is the wife and assistant of David, a white doctor in a hospital for the poor. Sarah refuses – adultery does not happen.

An insidious fate brings Nicholas to the royal palace, where he becomes a personal doctor and even an adviser to president Idi Amin himself!

pride, naivety, and ignorance

Nevertheless, false pride, naivety, and ignorance put him in a situation where Nicolas is involved in the death of a person. So, faced with a complication (something went wrong), he wants to avoid remorse by leaving Uganda. However, Amin prevents the doctor’s escape.


Like any weakling ( low energetic potential of the soul), Nicolas tries to immerse herself in alcohol, but it doesn’t help much. However, he takes the opportunity to seduce the president’s younger wife, Kay. Unfortunately, the girl can’t stand it and they commit adultery.


Immersed in voluptuousness, Nicolas does not care about contraception during intercourse. As a result, Kay becomes pregnant and searches for a cure in the village.

However, with everything in Uganda under Amin’s control, Kay is caught and brutally executed. When Nicolas finds her, Kay is dead and her son has left an orphan.

negative karma

Negative karma for his sin also comes to Nicolas – Amin’s people hang the doctor by his skin. “Every time you scream, evil comes out of you. Sometimes it can take three days for your evil to be used up.” Amin says to his ex-adviser.

Finally, thanks to Dr. Junju‘s self-sacrifice (the payment of karma by someone else), Nicholas escapes from Amin.

the lesson learned:

“Thou shalt not commit adultery,” says one of the Ten Commandments of our Spiritual Father. Adultery is a sexual relationship in which at least one participant is married to someone else.

Some of us do not believe in God, some do not believe in fate (the programmed part of life’s script) or karma (the law of cause and effect). Incarnated in the Western world with elements of freedom, we are guided by the motto “I deserve an exciting and beautiful life.” But at which price?

Universal Laws

Indeed, in addition to the 10 Commandments, which are a brief user guide for us, Universal Laws stand above all of us. The laws of Evolution, Change, Karma, etc. shape us without asking our permission.

Nicholas experienced such terrible consequences of his loose morality that he would carry this experience through eternity. And it is hard to believe that he would repeat the sin of adultery once again.

The film “The Last King of Scotland” directed by Kevin McDonald is based on the events of Idi Amin’s regime and is worth seeing.

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