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The Professor and the Madman (2019). Metaphysical Review

Metaphysical review of the film Professor and Madman

Metaphysical review Jacklyn A. Lo for the historical film The Professor and the Madman (2019).

Negative Karma

The metaphysical core of this sophisticated film is the negative karma that hit one of the main characters of the story.

The protagonist, Dr. William Chester Minor, caused suffering and pain to a stranger (a solder Declan Reilly). This happened during the American Civil War when William was on duty as a surgeon and captain.

No Peace

Sometime later, William began to hallucinate – Declan Reilly not only pursues him but also attacks him, threatening his life. To avoid danger, William leaves the US and seeks asylum in England. However, even in a new country, he fails to find peace.


One night, William wakes up and realizes that Declan Reilly has been at his house. Grabbing his revolver, he immediately begins to pursue the man. At a certain point in time, William catches up with the man and kills him. However, as it turns out that was the wrong man. That murdered man, a father of several children, didn’t have anything to do with Declan Reilly.


Someone might object – there shouldn’t be any negative karma involved as William did professional duties in wartime as anyone else would do. This conclusion is based on pure Western logic without consideration of the man’s level of consciousness. However, from our Highest Brother’s point of view, the punishment ( if any) must be given in accordance with the human‘s maturity of his soul, i.e. level of consciousness.


For example, very young souls with multiple incarnations in a human body could earn positive karma for faithfully following military orders (which William followed). However, the higher the consciousness, the greater the responsibility. Some religions, such as Buddhism, do not accept harm to any creature, even an insect, let alone a person.

Energetic level of Soul

Therefore, let’s look at the captain and surgeon William in terms of the energy quantity and quality of his soul

In 1872 ( the year of William’s imprisonment) only 1 person out of 5 could read and write, but William was not only literate, he got a much higher education with a deep knowledge of human anatomy and he worked as a surgeon. Also, as a great contributor to the Oxford Dictionary, he has a much higher intellectual level than an average man as well as very good organizational skills.

All the factors above are clear signs that the energetic level of his soul is much above average.

Spiritual Direction

Some might argue that highly intelligent villains hang around us without any punishment for their deeds.
And again, for a correct understanding, we need to look into the spiritual core of a person, or rather, in what Spiritual Direction¹ he moves.

Spiritual Choice

We must remember that Karmic lessons only work for spiritual beings moving toward the Light. Mature spiritual entities who have constantly made their Spiritual Choice toward Darkness no longer have the opportunity to correct their mistakes, as they “operate” under the complete control of Satan, the Head of Darkness.

Again, someone can object – but there is a third party involved in this case, and even one of them (the husband of Eliza Merrett) dies at the hand of William.


That’s true, our Highest Brothers put a lot of effort into giving a chance to correct mistakes for one individual soul.

And thanks to that, we observe constant spiritual progress in William, not only through his philanthropic help in making the Oxford Dictionary but especially via his voluntary sacrifice in favor of Eliza Merrett, the widow of the man whom he killed.

And of course, this progress would not have been possible if William had resisted this karmic lesson.

Similar Movie

This film is similar to the film The Machinist ( 2004), where negative karma teaches a protagonist to work on mistakes already in his current life.


The Professor and the Madman (2019) directed by Farhad Safinia  and written by Todd Komarnicki, Simon Winchester, and Farhad Safini is a highly spiritual biopic recommended to anyone interested in the work of karmic lessons


  • ¹Spiritual Direction is a chosen Direction whether toward Light or toward Darkness. Degradation is a sub-direction, which can be chosen too.
  • Picture in the review:  ©IMDb 
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