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Review of Film: The Forbidden Fruit

This metaphysical review of the Finnish film “The Forbidden Fruit” (Kielletty hedelmä), 2009 delves into the complexities of spiritual growth and temptation. 
The review was written by Jacklyn A Lo.


All of us, 8 billion souls on planet Earth, have a different spiritual origin.

Some of us are very young souls who have just entered the human world and have a lot to learn, while others are more mature souls nearing the end of their earthly journey.


The film begins in a Laestadian religious community, an environment of pure morality, rules, and hard work.

Within this strict setting, the teenager Raakel encourages herself with a strong sacred motto: “Give me, Lord, spiritual strength for the coming day!”

At this moment, she looks like a mature soul with deep-seated faith.


Despite her religious convictions, Raakel accompanies her friend Maria to the big city, hoping to prevent her from falling into temptation.

However, Raakel herself succumbs to the temptations of the city, questioning her own spiritual strength.

This episode raises two possibilities about Raakel’s soul:

  1. She is a mature soul who is facing temptation and is unable to overcome it. This suggests that even the most experienced souls can struggle against the allure of worldly pleasures.

  2. Her soul is still very young and entered the religious community to find a stable platform from which to grow. This indicates that her spiritual journey is still in its early stages, and she has yet to develop the resilience to resist temptation.


Raakel’s impulsive attempt to seduce a man further demonstrates her struggle with temptation.

This impulsive action could have been avoided if she had sought spiritual guidance and strength to resist evil.

Instead of succumbing to temptation, Raakel could have taken a different path:

  1. She could have humbly asked a higher power for spiritual strength to overcome evil. This act of seeking guidance would not only strengthen her soul but also accelerate her path toward enlightenment.

  2. She could have tried to understand the man she was trying to seduce, not just for physical attraction but also for his spiritual core. This could have led to a deeper connection and mutual support, potentially strengthening her spiritually.

Spiritual Growth

The film’s ending, with Raakel leaving the community and returning to the city, is rather abrupt and leaves the audience with unanswered questions.
A more satisfying conclusion could have explored Raakel’s continued spiritual journey, whether she would return to the community or find a new path toward spiritual growth.
I highly recommend this film to anyone interested in personal growth, spiritual exploration, and the challenges of navigating temptation in a complex world.

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