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Review of movie Soul

Spiritual film “Soul,” 2020 – Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Review of the Metaphysical Film “Soul”, 2020, by Jacklyn A. Lo. Pixar Animation Studios, renowned for its consistently meaningful and heartwarming films, has once again delivered a masterpiece with Soul (2020). This captivating animated film, infused with metaphysical elements, delves into the profound concept of “Spiritual Choice” in a way that resonates deeply with viewers of all ages. Dilemma Joe Gardner, a passionate jazz pianist,… Read More »Spiritual film “Soul,” 2020 – Review by Jacklyn A. Lo

Spiritual Choice

Spiritual Choice vs Daily Choice. Part I

To better understand what Spiritual Choice is, let’s compare it to other choices such as daily choices and decision-making. Energy Potential of Choices Spiritual Choice is programmed into the script of a person’s life even before his/her physical birth. It is designed so that the Spiritual Choice always has a higher energy potential than a person himself. A high energy potential is needed so that… Read More »Spiritual Choice vs Daily Choice. Part I