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Spiritual Choice vs Daily Choice. Part I

Spiritual Choice
To better understand what Spiritual Choice is, let’s compare it to other choices such as daily choices and decision-making.

Energy Potential of Choices

Spiritual Choice is programmed into the script of a person’s life even before his/her physical birth. It is designed so that the Spiritual Choice always has a higher energy potential than a person himself. A high energy potential is needed so that no one can avoid this Choice.
On the contrary, any daily choice has a rather low energy potential, that’s why one choice can be easily replaced by another. For example, if you get the dilemma “What to drink – coffee or tea?” you can choose either of these two options, order juice or water instead, or skip all drinks.
Decision-making, on another hand,  has a higher energy potential than a daily choice but lower than a Spiritual Choice. It contains information gathering, analytical thinking, risk management, etc.  It’s also smart to include the decision-making in a Spiritual Choice process.
For this reason, let’s take a look at Table 1 below.
Spiritual Choice vs Daily Choice

 Table 1. Spiritual Choice vs Daily Choice

Frequency of Choice and Age of the person

An average person experiences a Spiritual Choice very rarely – only once or twice in his physical life. Spiritual Choice is given only to an adult person who has accomplished certain life achievements and gained a fair amount of life experience.
Conversely, daily choices we make from early childhood to the end-of-life project.
An average guy faces a daily choice several times a day, starting the morning with whether to sleep 10 minutes longer, to wear a suit or dress, to eat breakfast or skip it, etc.  
However, our Decision-making starts from our teenage and in the best-case scenario continues till the end of life. Decision-making is much rarer than everyday choice, but still more frequent than Spiritual Choice. For example, which college to choose, which subjects to study, to become an entrepreneur, or to apply for a job in a corporation, etc. are all samples of personal decision-making.

Duration of Choices

For one man, a Spiritual Choice could last only a split second and for another, it can last several years.
A good example of the short duration of a Spiritual Choice is shown in the film Scarface (1983)The protagonist Tony Montana gets only a few seconds to evaluate the situation, and his personal values to make his final Spiritual Choice toward Light.
A very exciting example of the lengthy “Spiritual Choice” is presented in the movie Papillon (2017). In this biopic, Henri Charrière, convicted of murder, chooses the Spiritual Direction toward the Light, but it takes decades for him to prove his Choice.
As for everyday choices, we spend a minimum of time on them. This usually takes from a fraction of a second to several minutes.
The process of making a decision in conflict with everyday choices takes much longer – at best, from a few minutes to several months.


This article is the edited version of the article Spiritual Choice. Part I ( Jan 3, 2021)

What is Spiritual Choice?

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