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Women’s Rights

The Last Duel. Movie review

The Last Duel ( 2021). Metaphysical Movie Review

Metaphysical review of  the film “The Last Duel (2021)” by Jacklyn A. Lo Based on a true story, The Last Duel ( 2021) directed by Ridley Scott, is a rare-to-find film about Women’s Rights and the Justice of God. Our modern model of the physical world on Earth is based on male consciousness. Consciousness The consciousness of men, on average, is lower than the consciousness… Read More »The Last Duel ( 2021). Metaphysical Movie Review

Illustration of A Mucha

Why War? Summary / Part C

Beauty will save the world ― Fyodor Dostoevsky   Female beauty has always been a source of inspiration for poets, and the insane feats of knights vying for the heart of beauty. But women are not only a source of admiration and love but also of a higher level of consciousness. The higher consciousness has access to a larger vision – a world without suffering or… Read More »Why War? Summary / Part C