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Development of Consciousness. Insight. Part I

Our Low Consciousness

We are all gathered here, on this dense planet, due to our low consciousness  –  Jacklyn A.Lo


life scenario

Each of us receives an individual life scenario, which is approved before each of our new incarnations.

As a result, everyone gets the opportunity to correct errors and misdeeds made in previous lives, i.e. negative karma.


This allows us to continue our movement to the next level of spiritual evolution.

Unfortunately, because of our limited vision, clearing our previous karma does not eliminate the new stream of errors.


Therefore, we are forced to incarnate again and again.
But is there a way to eliminate the shortcomings accumulated in the past, and at the same time prevent new errors?
Yes, there is!


An ideal scenario would be to improve personal vision.

Vision is a direct product of consciousness.

consciousness level 1

For example, imagine you were born on the ground floor of a building, and your vision is limited to the view from your window.

Therefore, you think that this is the only reality that exists.
You see the courtyard in front of your window, a tree, and a small path to the forest.
So, you make decisions based on this picture. You are not aware of opportunities that go beyond that.

consciousness level 2

Now imagine that at some point in your life, you moved to the 10th floor of the same building.

Accordingly, the picture from the window has changed. Now you can see the whole park, the lake next to it, a large road and the city.
Thus, this point of view gives you a better vision and greater opportunities.

consciousness level 3

Next, imagine that you are moving to the 100th floor.

Now you can see another city behind the lake, several highways, the coast, and even another country.
As a result, you will find new opportunities beyond your imagination.

to sum up

Summing up, we can say that the floors of the building are levels of consciousness, and the view from the window is your vision of your life project.

Thus, improving consciousness gives you better vision, which helps you move through life more efficiently and with fewer errors.


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“Ask, and it will be given to you;

Seek, and you will find;

Knock, and it will be opened to you.”

– Holy Bible


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