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Development of Consciousness. Insight. Part II

The Main Ways to Evolve Consciousness

Like anything in the Universe, our Consciousness is a subject of Evolution and Devolution.

According to my observations, there are three main ways of developing consciousness.

These ways are: 

  1. Personalized Answers and Questions

  2. Vipassana Meditation

  3. Spiritual Choice of Light


1. Personalized Answers & Questions

Always look for answers to your personal questions.

The Internet, books, films, or people – all of these sources – are a great opportunity to find out your personal truth. Each answer to your question will increase the share of your wisdom and decrease the share of your ignorance.

However, this method has some disadvantages. Firstly, this is a long-term development; secondly, you must remain focused and you also need good luck.

2. Vipassana Meditation

About 2600 years ago, Gautama Buddha gave people the technique that we call Vipassana meditation today.

Gautama practiced various meditation techniques until he began the Vipassana – “to see things as they are.”


Photo: One of the largest Pagodas in Yangon, Myanmar ©FRG Worldwide Oy


This meditation allows you to learn to control your mind and purify your inner repository – the subconscious.  As a result, a balanced mind and being cleaned of impurities subconscious are the goals of this process.

Therefore, we can call Vipassana meditation a high-speed path because it allows you to get rid of the impurity in your subconscious in a relatively short period of time. For Gautama, for instance, it took only one day.

Summing up, the cleaner subconscious allows running through your life project more lighter, with fewer errors and attachments. Therefore, the saved time and energy will go to the evolution of consciousness.

However, there are some disadvantages to this methodology as well. For instance, you have to regularly practice meditation; besides, there is physical pain from the long sits; moreover, there are some side effects.

3. Choice of Light

A Spiritual Choice towards Light is a shortcut to enlightenment and consequently full liberation from your reincarnation chain.

What is Spiritual Choice?

For example,  at a certain moment in life, one faces a situation of Spiritual Choice*. The spiritual choice is a test for an individual to define a further direction of movement – to Light or to Darkness. The principle of Choice is based on Free Will, which our Creator generously gave to any Individual.

Most importantly, the right choice provides you with an upgrade of your Consciousness. The best reference to how Spiritual Choice affects a human is described in my supernatural time-travel novel Redemption and screenplay Heaven.


These three ways of cultivating our consciousness can be compared to the three ways of traveling by car.

The first way, i.e.Questions & Answers, can be compared to traveling along a countryside road with a 40 km/hour speed limit, i.e. slow.

The second option, i.e. Vipassana, is as driving along a highway with a speed limit of 120 km/hour, i.e. faster.

While the third option, i.e.the Choice of Light, is a shortcut. The shorter alternative route allows you to save time and gasoline, and as a result, to arrive at a destination much earlier than using two other methods.

The best result, however, is achieved by a combination of all three methods.


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