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Development of Consciousness. Insight. Part III

Other Ways To Raise Consciousness

There are other ways to raise personal consciousness such as migration to another country, digging out information following your curiosity, doing prayers, spells, etc.

Let’s look closer at all of them.

4. Migration

If one person forms an individual consciousness, then a group of people molds a collective consciousness.

For example, a collective consciousness might belong to a small group of people such as a tribe, a sect, a club, a country, or several countries, etc. Each of the gatherings has its own collective consciousness. And this consciousness varies from country to country.

There are currently 195 countries on Earth, and in some countries, the consciousness is lower than in others.
Migration from a lower-consciousness country to a higher-consciousness country will bring you new knowledge and heighten your vision. Ultimately, this leads to an expansion of your consciousness.

Consequently, a person born in an environment with a lower consciousness (some African countries, part of the Asian continent, etc.) has a chance to raise his consciousness in countries with higher consciousness (Singapore, Australia, Western Europe, USA, etc.).

As a result, this method has some great advantages, such as an achievement of a higher level of consciousness in a relatively short time at low risk.

However, there are drawbacks, and the biggest of them is the limited level of the collective consciousness of the country into which the person emigrated.

5. Curiosity

You can raise your consciousness with the help of curiosity and the study of metaphysics, i.e. everything beyond physical reality.

As a result, the interest in the metaphysical, supernatural, channeled phenomenon, etc. creates an opportunity to eliminate ignorance. Therefore, you will move on to a deeper understanding of the spiritual or metaphysical realm.

For example, L. Strelnikova, and L. Seklitova,  began to interact with the Subtle World with the help of elementary curiosity.



However, over 30 years of continuous channeling and hard work in understanding esoteric information, they have expanded their personal level of consciousness and published over 60 esoteric books.

This method is risk-free and fun, but it takes a long time.

6. Prayers

Prayers are a powerful tool for cleaning our thin shells.
As a result, it not only cleanses us but also gives us a chance to rise above materialistic values.

Some people, moving away from the bustle of the crowd, became saints, spending the rest of their lives in prayers.  As a result of the purification, they raised their consciousness and gained access to the Subtle World already during their physical life.

The biggest advantage of this method is low risk. On the other hand, this laborious path first requires a mental affirmation of trust in the Higher Forces.

7. Invocations

Some of the channelers, such as Kim Michaels, provide a set of tools with invocations and degrees.

Invocations and degrees look like a mixture of powerful prayers and affirmations that help boost individual and collective consciousness. I’ve heard about the positive change in the collective consciousness of one of the countries thanks to the invocations and degrees made by a large group of people.

The advantage of this methodology is low risk. On the other hand, it is time-consuming and requires trust in a channeler.

To sum up

In conclusion, Spiritual Choice towards Light is the most efficient way to raise consciousness, however,  it’s the riskiest one. 
On the other hand, the best result will be obtained using all the methods in combination.



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