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Grigory Rasputin – Light or Dark? Part II


In this part, we shall cover the rest of the values/qualities of the Dark Ones and will compare them with those that Grigory Rasputin had.

5. Atheism vs Faith

Grigory not only had Faith but also knew that God exists. His prayers were distinguished by sincerity and lack of copying.

He spoke to God without servility, in his own words, as with a close friend: 

In You, Lord, I trust and I will never be ashamed of it! I praise You, Lord, and I say in my soul: be my Creator and Intercessor!

A person with a truly deep Faith in God cannot be Dark.


Qualities/Values of G. Rasputin

6. No Interest vs Passion in Spirituality  

Grigory had a deep passion for spirituality and took every opportunity to share his feelings and experiences about spiritual revelations with others. In St. Petersburg, he had got fans who regularly gathered to listen to him and record his stories. 
In 1907 he wrote some notes in The Life of an Experienced Wanderer: Spring means a great celebration for a spiritual person. As a decorated bright May happens, so the soul of the one who watches the Lord blooms and May arises.
And in 1915 in  My Thoughts and Reflections“They can deprive of everything – even a 
dwelling, but never a soul. The loss of earthly things is a great feat; you need to ask God to give you patience. For the loss of the earthly and the reward is great.
Passion for spirituality cannot belong to a Dark, therefore Grigory was Light.

7. Inability to heal vs Healer

Grigory was a healer from his childhood.
He recognized this ability as a teenager, treating horses in his native village. Later on, he started to treat people. In some cases, he used healing Siberian herbs, but mostly he healed with his prayers, i.e. via God willing
Repeatedly Gregory helped the sick, even those who were considered incurable. Once, in a Ural monastery, he saved a demon-possessed woman who was suffering from seizures. Later, the woman became Gregory’s volunteer servant.
Among the others, Gregory’s patients were Tsar Nicholas II and his only son, the heir to the Russian throne, Tsarevich Alexei.
A person with the ability and will to heal people can’t be Dark, therefore also by this criteria, Grigory belongs to Light.

8. No skills to see the Future vs Clairvoyance

From adolescence, Grigory had the ability to make predictions.

For example, since his childhood, he “saw” when and how a person would die, and told his fellow villagers about it.

His daughter Matryona in her book “Rasputin. Why?” described a case when, thanks to Grigory’s foresight, a horse thief was found.

Grigory’s predictions came true regarding the royal family, the fate of St. Petersburg, the capital of Russia, the fate of his homeland, and much more.

He foretold: “Darkness will fall on Petersburg. When the city’s name changes, the empire will end. In August 1914 St. Petersburg was renamed Petrograd. On March 15, 1917, Nicholas II abdicated; this marked the end of the Russian Empire.

And another one: If my murder is committed by nobles – relatives of the tsar, then the future of Russia and the royal family will be terrible. The nobles will flee the country, and the tsar’s relatives will not be left alive; in two years the brothers will rise up against the brothers and kill each other.” 

The royal family, together with the emperor, were brutally murdered by the Bolsheviks, and at the end of 1917, Russia entered the Civil War.

As Darks do not have the ability to see the future, but Grigory did, he is representative of Lights.

9. Chauvinism vs Cosmopolitanism

Grigory promoted mutually beneficial cooperation between people of different nationalities and countries.

In private conversations with the tsar Nikolai, Rasputin calls him for friendship with the United States and economic cooperation with Germany.

In his own country, he points out the advantages of international marriages and helps Russian Jews through his personal secretary Aron Simonovich*.

Grigory does not fit into the goals of the Dark Ones – incitement of chauvinism but represents the opposite – cosmopolitanism, therefore he is a Light One.

*Aron Simonovich’s book, Rasputin, and the Jews. Memoirs of the personal personality of Grigory Rasputin ( in Russian).

10. Slavery vs Freedom. Dependency vs Independence

Grigory was freedom-loving and this is evident from his travels – within the country and abroad to Palestine and Jerusalem. The presence of a wise wife gave him the opportunity to make long pilgrimages. The pleasure of freedom is felt in his notes “The Life” and ” My thoughts“.

Grigory never depended on anyone. Living in his village, he was an independent farmer, fisherman, and cart driver.

When he moved to St. Petersburg, many wanted to make a puppet out of him, but, guided by his mission, he remained incorruptible, causing irritation among the nobles and open and hidden enmity.

As Freedom and Independence are values of Light, therefore, Grigory is a representative of Lights.

11. Vision of the Mother of God

During his life, Grigory had a vision of the Mother of God who appeared to him when he plowed the field. The vision lasted several seconds and left an indelible impression on Grigory. Later, the vision motivated him to come to St. Petersburg.*

*A vision of the Queen of Heaven can’t appear to a person moving towards Darkness, therefore Grigory was a Spiritual entity moving towards Light.


The conclusion from these analyses is unequivocal – none of the qualities and values of the Dark Ones fit Grigory’s profile.

Consequently, according to these criteria, Grigory does not belong to the Darks, but to the Lights.

However, we will not rush to draw a final conclusion, because Grigory Rasputin was accused of debauchery, drunkenness, greed, etc., and in Article Part III, we will conduct additional analyses.


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